Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank You Miss Doover by Robin Pulver

I have been getting behind on my picture books. Here is a new one about how to write a Thank You note. When Jack receives an assignment from Miss Doover to write a thank you note to someone, he thinks he will be done in a flash. But each time he tries his teacher makes him do it over (get it, her name is Do-over). The first one is too short, the second one isn't very complimentary. Jack tries over and over and the letters get more complex. As the letters get longer, Jack begins to wonder if he will ever write a thank you note good enough to please Miss Doover. In the end, he finally writes a thank you note that is just right. This is a cute book with very child friendly text and illustrations. The drafts of the thank you notes are funny. Even fairly young children will understand why it is not quite appropriate to thank a great aunt for personalized stationary because it worked very well as potty training papers for the new puppy. This book is a fun and painless way to introduce both good thank you note writing and revising using multiple drafts.

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