Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie Berry

I am not the kind of reader who wants to always read the same genre. After I read a few realistic fictions, I am itching to find a good fantasy. This one fit the bill pretty well. 15 year old Lucinda lives with a cruel aunt and a hen pecked uncle who own a gold smith shop. One day a mysterious lady drops off a rare and beautiful gem to be reset. Unfortunately, before the job can be done the uncle dies and the mean aunt kicks Lucinda out of the house. As Lucinda sets out to try to return the gem, she enters into an adventure that brings her in contact with a thief, a prince, and an amazing being from another world. This book has all the elements that pre-teen/teen fantasy-loving girls could want: a handsome prince, pretty dresses, a ball and a great cover. I laughed when I read a nod to Cinderella. As Lucinda escapes the ball, her slipper falls off while she runs down the stairs. But instead of leaving it there, she reaches down, and puts it back on her foot. Good girl : ). I found this book in the YA section, but there is nothing in here that would be inappropriate for younger readers. (308 p)

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