Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Everything On a Waffle by Polly Horvath

This is an older book and I have read it before. I came back to it because I wanted to compare it to a book I was reviewing for SLJ. It got a lot of attention 10 years ago when it won a Newbery Honor. Polly Horvath's books are a little quirky, but she is good at making memorable characters. Somehow she makes the characters familiar without being stereotypical. In this story Primrose lives happily with her fisherman father and her mother, until one day when both of her parents are lost at sea in a storm. Everyone believes her parents to be dead, accept Primrose who knows deep in her heart they are alive. Primrose goes to live with her bachelor uncle in a new town. There she meets all kinds of interesting characters, including Mrs. Bowzer who is the owner, and cook at a local restaurant. Mrs. Bowzer's no nonsense advise, and yummy recipes (included at the end of each chapter) helps Primrose cope with her quickly changing life. This is a quick and amusing read with a happy ending. (150 p)

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