Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Web of Air by Philip Reeve

This is the second in the Fever Crumb series. In this one two years have gone past and Fever and the children are living with a group of traveling players. They stop at a city and Fever meets a young inventor who is trying to create a flying machine. It is fun to watch logical rational Fever fall in love, but the reader can't help but sense that the relationship is doomed from the beginning. This is not a bad middle book. Writing a middle book in trilogy has to be hard. (though I am not sure this is a trilogy) Something has to happen, or the book is totally boring, but nothing can really be resolved because the big conclusion comes in the third book. The main purpose of the middle book is to keep the reader interested enough that they are willing to continue to the finale. This book accomplishes that OK. Warning, this book is pretty anti-religion. At one point Fever states something like, "Isn't that what religion is for, to suppress the truth and manipulate the masses." (293 p.)

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