Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner read this book for the first time several years ago.  I remembered I liked it, but I never read the sequels.  My kids really liked the whole series so I decided to go back and read the first one again and then read the others.  Gen is a thief, who starts the book in the King's prison.  The king's Magus comes to the prison to recruit Gen to steel something in exchange for his freedom.  Gen goes along with the Magus, his two apprentices, and a body guard, not even knowing what he is to steel. Most of the story is the interaction between the five main characters as they travel to the place where the mystical object is hidden. Turner adds in snatches of folk tale and mythology tie neatly into the main story. This is one of the books where the main character isn't very likeable in the beginning.  He is arrogant, self centered and annoying. As the book goes on the reader gets to like some of the characters more, and some less. The book has a delightful twist at the end, that left me with a big smile.  I love it when an author can make a surprise ending, but after I am finished I can look back and see all the clues that hinted at it, but that I missed. I am eager to read the next one in the series, and have it on hold. (236 p)

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