Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner

This book got a lot of attention when it came out two years ago.  I think it was released when the last Harry Potter movie was the big event of the year, and this is definitely a book that would be comfortable on a "If you liked Harry Potter" list.  Goldie is a girl who lives in a society that is super protective of their children.  They are so protective that children are required to be tethered to their parents with a chain until they are 13 years old.  Goldie loves her parents, but longs to be free of the tether.  On her Separation Day there is a bombing and the separation ceremony is canceled.  Goldie escapes her bonds anyway and runs away to hide  in the city.  She finds her way to a "Museum" that, she soon discovers, holds magical forces from the past. When political strife threatens the Museum, she works desperately with her new found friends to keep the ancient evils from breaking loose and flooding into the city.  It is a solidly written fantasy with good pacing and interesting characters.  I find the whole premise of the over protective society to be an interesting one.  It made me ask myself if modern society is over protective or under protective.  In some ways I think it is both.  Children are often not allowed to go out and play unsupervised like I did as a child. It is considered too dangerous.  On the other hand, children are exposed to unprecedented levels of violence and other mature material on TV and on the internet.   I think, perhaps, we are too physically protective, and not spiritually protective enough.  Anyway, it was a fun read and I will probably read the next one in the trilogy. (312 p.)

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