Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dodger by Terry Pratchet

Cover Art for Dodger In this book, set in an alternative Victorian London, Dodger is a 17 year-old-street kid who saves a young lady who is being attacked during a rain storm. For the rest of the book Dodger is trying to discover who the girl is and who was trying to kill her.  In the process Dodger meets, and impresses, some famous historical figures from Victorian London, including Charles Dickens, two-time prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, and humanitarian Henry Mayhew.  Pratchet is such a clever and witty writer, and the book is an intelligent look at the of the underbelly of Victorian England through the eyes of a very likable and engaging main character. Those who love Pratchet's Discworld series will find this book a little more mellow than some of those when it comes to Pratchet's signature social satire.  But taken on its own, this is a great story full of wit and wisdom for teens and adults alike. (360 p)

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