Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson

Blackmoore_cover_final_6-25-13Kate has vowed that she will never marry, despite her mother's insistence that she make a good match.  Finally she makes a bargain with her mother, that if Kate can get and refuse three proposals in one summer,  her mother will stop bothering her about courtship.  Kate is to spend the summer at the estate of her two dearest childhood friends, Henry and Victoria. She is not there long before she realizes her friendship with each of them has changed with age, and she begins to understand that keeping her bargain with her mother may cost her more than she can bare.

This is another in Shadow Mountain's "A Proper Romance" series.  These are shamelessly silly historical romances with all the expected stereotypes; the headstrong heroine, the dashing love interest, the complicated family relationships, and the vast and beautiful English estate.  Yes, they have all the bases covered, and I am embarrassed how much I enjoyed reading this book this week. I was under a great deal of stress and needed something mindless to provide an engrossing escape. The nice thing about the series is that the book in it are free from anything explicit--the series is touted as "G rated" on the Deseret Book website--so I  could be engrossed without much guilt.  (320p)

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