Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee by Tom Angleberger

Cover image for The secret of the Fortune WookieeIn this third installment in the Origami Yoda books, Dwight has left McQuarrie Middle School and enrolled in Tippett Academy.  The kids at McQuarrie are missing the origami Yoda's unfailing wisdom, until Sara shows up with a paper fortune teller shaped like Chewbacca.  Chewbacca's advice, as interpreted by Han Foldo, seems almost as good as Yoda's. Are Dwight's Yoda powers so strong that they work, even without Dwight there?  And what about Dwight?  He seems to be changing into a normal boy, but is he really happy at Tippett's?  These are the questions Tommy sets out to answer in his third casebook.

For Origami Yoda fans, this is more of the same with a healthy dose of junior high high jinx and a sprinkling of really good advice.  It is not the end of the series, and much of the plot is leading up to the ultimate battle to save the school from standardized test prep in upcoming episodes. (190 p)

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