Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NERDS: The Villain Virus by Michael Buckley

Cover image for The villain virusNERDS lovers will enjoy this fourth installment in the continuing adventures of the kids whose weaknesses have become their superpowers.  This story focuses on Flinch, whose superpower is his hyperactivity. When Flinch consumes sugar, his hyperactivity gives him super speed and strength, but is also makes it hard for him to think straight. As a result he is rarely put in charge of a mission.  When he finally gets to be the head of a mission, he ends up destroying Paris.  When a nanobot virus starts turning ordinary people and even the NERDS team of scientists into super villains, it is Flinch's unpredictability that saves the day. 

In the final sequence of the story Flinch is shrunken down to nanobot size and enters a human brain to try to defeat the virus.  Buckley uses quite a lot medical terminology  while describing Flinch's journey, so readers end up getting a pretty good lesson in brain anatomy. The story ends with some major changes in the NERDS team, so it will be interesting to see where Buckley goes with the next installment. (259 p)

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