Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bright Shadow by Avi

Here is another book by Avi.  In this fantasy, Morwenna is a servant in the castle of an evil king.  When Morwenna is given 5 wishes by a dying wizard, she flees the castle and goes into the country with her best friend Swen. By an unforeseen series of events, Swen comes to believe that he has the wishes and is the new wizard. Working from the background, Morwenna has to decide how best to use her wishes to help Swen rally the people to overthrow the evil king.  I didn't like this one as well as the City of Orphans.  There was not as much depth to the characters, and neither Swen or Morwenna was particularly endearing. Avi hammered a little bit too hard at the moral/ethical dilemma surrounding the wishes.  Veteran fantasy readers have strong opinions about what they would do with wishes, but a less experienced fantasy consumer might appreciate Avi's frank approach to the topic. (167 p)

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