Monday, September 1, 2014

Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson

Cover image for The mark of the dragonflyThis is a new fantasy/SciFi adventure that has a steampunk feel.  Piper works as a scapper, gleaning valuable items from the space junk that falls to the ground during periodic junk storms.  She also has a talent for repairing mechanical items that other scrappers find.  One day she finds something totally unexpected in the scrap heap, a girl, Anna, who has no memory of where she came from, but who holds amazing technical information in her mind.  The girls soon discover that someone is after Anna, and the escape the scrap town on a train headed for the capital.  On the train Anna and Piper meet the crew, including the young and daring animorph, Gee, and experience thrilling adventures that reveal things about Piper's and Anna's history.  This was a fun and satisfying read with likeable characters and tantalizing plot twists. The pacing boggs down a little in the middle, but picks up nicely again in the end.  Johnson left many (a very many) plot elements dangling and I am eager to read the sequel.  (388 p)

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