Friday, October 3, 2014

Fly Away by Patricia MacLachlan

Cover image for Fly awayI have a new goal to read more recently released books and here is my most recent one.  Lucy and her family are on their way to North Dakota to help their Aunt.  A flooding river is threatening her farm and they want to help with sandbags and moral support. While they are at their aunt's house, Lucy's little brother Teddy creeps into her room after dark and sings a little song to her.  It is something he does every night and hearing his little sweet voice gives her comfort as the storm rages.  She sings a song to him, and even though she can't carry a tune, and would never sing in front of anyone else, Teddy likes her song. The next day, as the flood waters near the house, Teddy turns up missing.  Frantic, Lucy must decide whether to use her embarrassing singing voice to try to find him.

Ms Maclachlan won the Newbery medal for Sarah Plain and Tall which I loved.  She is really good at portraying sweet and strong sibling relationships like the one between Lucy and Teddy. This is a short story;  I read the 110 pages in an hour. I am not quite sure who the intended audience is. It could be put in the intermediate section because of its length and the ages of the characters, but I don't think that age would be very interested in it.  It is more like a short story for middle grade age range. 

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