Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cold Light: Creatures, Discoveries, and Inventions that Glow by Anita Sitarski

Cover image for Cold Light: Creatures, Discoveries, and Inventions That GlowHere is another nonfiction.  This one is about a variety of things that glow with cold light.  It starts out with bio-luminescence and talks about luminous fish, algae and insects.  Then Sitarski moves on to chemo-luminescence and talks about how it was developed and some of its applications.  Finally it talks about phosphorescence and the development of LED's and their potential usage in society.  Since the book was originally written in 2007 some of the "potential" usages of LED's are now standard, like using LED's as head and tail lights on cars.  This was a very interesting book, and more engaging to me than the Stubby book below.  Sitarski's explanations of scientific processes is clear and accessible and she puts a lot of personality into her prose. Since I listened to this on recording I can't comment on the illustrations, but the cover looks cool.  This is definitely not a book for every kid, but a great choice for a young science nerd.  I could also see this book leading to some interesting science fair projects.(48 p)

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