Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan

Cover image for The serpent's shadowThis is the third and and final episode in Riordan's "other" series, The Kane Chronicles.  In the previous book Sadie and Carter had brought Ra back from oblivion, hoping he could defeat Apophis and save the world. But when he had returned, he was incarnated as an old, senile man.  The fate of the world still rests in the hands of the two teen siblings.  They need to rally the magicians, and learn how to defeat Apophis on their own.  They go through a myriad of adventures, meeting old friends and finding new enemies along the way. There is a lot in this book about resolving issues with their crush interests, and the whole adventure ties up in the end in a nice neat package.  (spoiler alert) Kids who have enjoyed the series will love the ending. I must have developed a taste for YA fantasy, because I thought it concluded a little too neatly.  If it had been a true YA novel someone important would have died (and stayed dead) in the final battle, but no one does. Still, I enjoyed the series and the book.  I have heard Riordan is working on a series featuring Norse mythology.  That should be interesting. (406 p)

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