Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

Cover image for Wednesdays in the towerThe king and queen have returned to Castle Glower, so all is well, right? Not exactly.  The castle is behaving strangely and Celie and her wizard brother are trying to discover why.  Then one day a mysterious egg shows up in a tower.  Celie cares for the egg and hatches a griffin.  The Castle seems determined to keep the existence of the griffin a secret, so Celie is left to care for it and train it alone. What does it all mean?  As Celie and her siblings search for answers they discover that the castle is in danger from unimaginable forces. This is a cute second installment of George's Castle Glower series.  We learn a little more about the King and Queen, and Celie's older brother who were absent during most of the first book.  Mostly we learn a lot more about the origins of the castle.  I must warn that it ends in a terrible cliffhanger.(229 p)

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