Sunday, July 12, 2015

Captain America, the first Avenger by Alexander Irvine

Cover image for Captain America : the first AvengerThis is one of a new series that are novelizations of the popular Avenger movies. It is straight text, not a comic book. I read this so that I could assess if it were appropriate for my section, i.e. for children ages 12 and under. I have not seen many of the recent Marvel movies, but I have seen the Captain America one.  This book is basically a straight forward retelling of what happened in the movie.  The author doesn't add much or leave much out.  The difference in the book from the movie is in the violence.  Irvine mentions the violence, but adds almost no detail.  He says things like, "using his shield he took out the four Hydra soldiers that were blocking the door."  Once or twice he mentions what kind of punch someone threw. That's it. As a result, this is a pretty tame retelling.  If there were some family that didn't feel good about letting their 10-year-old watch the Captain America movie, the child could read the book and still be conversant about the story with their friends.  (152 p.)

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