Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman

Cover image for The sleeper and the spindleI guess this is Neil Gaiman week.  This is a new illustrated story that originally appeared in a short story collection.  It is a variation on Sleeping Beauty.  In the story a lovely queen is about to get married.  She is apprehensive about her upcoming nuptials, and when she hears of a princess asleep in a castle, she jumps at the opportunity to ditch the wedding and try to save the princess. She makes her way to the enchanted castle and finds the beautiful maiden asleep in the tower, attended by an old hag.  She decides there is nothing to do but wake the princess with a kiss.  When she does she discovers that the sleeping maiden and the old hag are not whom they seem.  This is a new book that has just been released with Riddell's illustrations.  The illustrations are masterfully done and the type setting and page make it a very attractive volume.  I must say that the story is just a little to weird and dark for me.  I decided to read the book because I saw the picture of the two beautiful women kissing each other.  Is this a children's book? I asked myself.  It really isn't. It is a little too dark and looks too much like a picture book for me to feel comfortable leaving it in my section.  I think I will talk to my boss tomorrow about having it moved to the YA section. (68 p)

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