Sunday, March 27, 2016

Switch by Ingrid Law

Cover image for SwitchIn this third story of the Beaumont family, Gypsy, the second to youngest, is wrestling with her new savvy (think special magical power) of seeing into people's futures.  One day her power allows her to see her grandmother fall from a tall clock tower.  Soon after she has this premonition, her family experiences a savvy switch.  Her brother who used to be able to be invisible, suddenly is a fire starter.  Her mother, who used to be perfect in almost every household job, is now a klutz, and Gypsy's finds she is able to stop time for everyone but herself.  Still reeling from the switch, her family travels to Denver to bring their grandmother, who suffers from dementia, home.  While there, Gypsy's main goal is to keep her grandmother far away from clock towers, but she finds that it is much harder than she could have ever imagined.

I have enjoyed this series.  The stories have an element of magic, but really they are each about family relationships and about kids learning to use self control to direct their lives.  This story, in particular, deals nicely with the challenges of having a loved one with dementia.  Law leaves the ending open to one more book.  (356 p,)

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