Friday, October 7, 2016

Ruffleclaw by Cornelia Funke

Cover image for RuffleclawRuffleclaw is an earth monster who has a strange interest in humans.  One day he decides to explore a human home and meets a little boy, named Tommy.  Tommy decides he kind of likes Ruffleclaw, even though the monster is rude and destructive.  Eventually he convinces his parents to let him keep Ruffleclaw as a pet. 

I chose this as my intermediate of the week because of the author.  Funke has written a lot of good fantasy books that I have enjoyed but I ended up not liking this book very much. The idea is ok.  A little boy becomes attached to a monster who, though uncouth, has some endearing characteristics.  The problem with this story is that the monster has no endearing characteristics.  It really is just rude and destructive.  So I ask myself, would a child like this?  Maybe.  Maybe the idea that a little creature could be totally naughty and still be loved could be really appealing to some child.  Still, I am not going to go out and buy an extra copy of the book for the collection or anything.(102 p.)

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