Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bad Hair Day by Sarah Mlynowski

Cover image for Bad hair dayThis week I disassembled, painted, and reassembled the two puppet stages at work. It took more than 3 hours and while I was working on that project I listened to another book in the Whatever After series. In this one Abby is bummed because she got ninth place in the class spelling bee. To cheer her up Jonah suggests they travel through the mirror and they end up in the story of Rapunzel.  In the process of meeting Rapunzel they accidentally ruin her beautiful hair. Rapunzel is devastated because she had placed her self esteem on her hair. Abby and Jonah help her realize that there is more to her than just how her hair looks.  Of course, their experience helps Abby feel better about herself as well.

The books in this series are fluffy and fun with a little bit of a moral to them.  They are a good choice for reluctant readers and those who like light fairy tale retellings. They are also good background noise for a middle-age librarian working on a tedious project. (165 p.)

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