Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Wedding Planner's Daughter by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Willa's father died the day after he and her mother were married. Willa's mother, Stella, is successful professional wedding planner, but has shut her own heart to any thoughts of romance. As long as she could remember, all Willa has ever wanted was a father, but whenever Stella seems to be getting close to any man, she uproots Willa and moves to a new state. Finally Willa and Stella end up in Cape Cod where Stella was raised, and for the first time Willa feels like she really belongs. She has her grandmother nearby and a really good friend. Now all she has to do is get her mother to fall in love with her English teacher so they can get married and Willa can finally live happily ever after. This is a light, humorous romance with all of the expected elements. 12 year old Willa has her first crush, and her first kiss (on the cheek). The relationship between her mother and her teacher is on again, off again. Of course, dreams do come true and it is all good in the end. Willa is a believable 12 year old and the supporting characters are full blown and interesting. (200 p)

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