Saturday, July 9, 2011

Benjamin Franklin, An American Genius by Brandon Marie Miller

Once again, I didn't include the entire title in the heading. The whole title is, Benjamin Franklin, American Genius: His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities. This is one of the "His Life and 21 Activities" series published by Chicago Review Press. If you are a home schooler, this is a great series to discover. They are fairly extensive children's biographies, but they also include hands-on activities that go with the information in the text. I have read several in this series and they have all been well written and interesting. The activities are well chosen, too. Some are craft ideas and others are just educational activities. In this book there is one activity is about making glycerine soap (Franklin's parents were soap makers) and another explains experiments using static electricity.

Benjamin Franklin was such an amazing man. If you want to be inspired about how awesome the founding fathers where, read about Benjamin Franklin. Unlike most of the others, he didn't start out as an aristocrat. Through diligence, intelligence, good humor and discipline, he worked his way up from being a printer's apprentice to being one of the wealthiest and best known men in the Colonies. This book highlights his achievements, but also mentions his faults, so the reader gets a pretty even view of his life.

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