Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

I am a children's librarian, so most of what I read are children's books. Every once in a while, I get hankering for a more mature book, and the author I choose most often is Agatha Christie. I like the Miss Marple mysteries the best. The librarians in that side of the library call them cozy mysteries, nothing too creepy or gory. In this one, Miss Marble, an elderly English spinster from St. Mary Meade in England, goes on a vacation in the West Indies. While there she meets several charming couples, old and young, and everything seems idyllic, if a little boring. Then one of the older gentlemen is found dead in his bungalow, and Miss Marple wonders if he really died of heart disease as the local medical community thinks. As she begins to use her special old lady powers to investigate the incident, others are found dead. In the end it is a race against time and Miss Marple must keep her wits about her to prevent the final murder. The Miss Marple mysteries are so much fun. I really relate with the sweet old lady who is outwardly innocuous, but inwardly she is as sharp as her knitting needles. (245 p)

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