Friday, July 27, 2012

Rip Tide by Kat Falls

Here is the sequels to one of my starred books, Dark Life. It follows the story of our hero, Ty, and his girl of choice, Gemma as they try to survive in the chaotic world of undersea settlements in a post apocalyptic earth.  In this story Ty's parents are kidnapped as they try to sell food to "surfs." Ty is determined to find his parents and follows their trail through a path of corruption, greed and violence.  While on the trail, Ty discovers a plot that is taking the lives of hundreds of less fortunate sea dwellers.  This story is a bit darker than Dark Life.  Falls explores how society can exploit the less fortunate while government looks the other way. It was a good story, and as in the first book, the depiction of human adaptation to undersea life was very creative and interesting.  I liked it but it doesn't quite make it on my starred book list. (304 p)

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