Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

You have to love Rick Riordan.  I have said it before, I think he is the best fantasy action writer out there for kids right now.  This latest in his Heroes of Olympus series is very much like his other Percy Jackson books.  Demi-gods are thrown together.  There is a quest during which they bond and learn more about their powers.  In the end they are victorious.  Even though these are starting to get formulaic they are still loads of fun.  It is especially fun for me, a Humanities major with an emphasis in Latin, to see how Riordan has portrayed the Roman demi-god camp.  I think he was right on the dot in the way he portrayed how they used the senate, and the importance of politics in Roman society. Of course, Riordan did a big set up for the final book in the series, and I am totally eager to read it. (521 p.)

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