Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo

Cover Art for Mercy Watson to the rescue
Cover Art for Mercy Watson goes for a ride Mercy is the darling pig of Mr. and Mrs Watson.  They live next door to Eugenia and Baby Lincoln.  Eugenia does not think pigs should be pets, but Baby (who is not really a baby, just younger than her sister) secretly loves Mercy as much as the Watsons do.  In the first of these two adventures Mercy decides she wants to sleep in Mr. and Mrs Watson's bed.  Her added weight is too much for the old floor and the bed starts to fall down through a widening hole. Mercy is able to escape, and, in her search for a treat from Baby, causes a sequence of events that bring the fire department to rescue the Watsons in the nick of time. In the second adventure Mercy and Mr Watson go on their weekly ride in Mr. Watson's convertible.  Baby Lincoln stows away in the back seat, in search of an adventure.  She gets it when Mercy decides she wants to drive. Baby Lincoln's fast thinking brings them all home safely just in time to share Mrs. Watson's wonderful buttered toast.  These are very simple transition readers.  They are written like short chapter books, but the language is on an easy reader level.  The clearly defined characters, and the gentle conflict between Mercy and Eugenia makes for delightfully funny stories. These would be a great choice for a first grader who likes Clifford but is ready for the next step. (68 p and 72 p.)

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