Friday, August 23, 2013

Zac Power: Poison Island

Zac is your ordinary 12-year-old who has to do his homework and take out the garbage.  He is also a super cool spy kid who uses high tech gadgets and drives top secret high speed vehicles on his missions to save the world.  In each these short intermediate readers (grades 2/3), Zac has 24 hours to stop the bad guy and then get home to do his chores.

I was at the library doing a tedious chore, so I picked up a Zac Power recorded book.  I like to listen to intermediate books in this kind of situation because I can get through a whole book right there in the library.  These stories are so much fun that I ended up listening to another Zac Power the next day, and another the next (it was a long tedious task). They are just like the pretend stories a 68 year old might make up with his action figures.  Zac is so cool, and the ways he finds out of tight situations are not exactly probable, but are fun and creative. For example, in the first book Zac is being chased by piranhas, but he saves himself by feeding them some old chewed-up gum he finds in his pocket.  His villains are comic book stereotypical.  No violence, and no one gets killed. The reader for this series has a lively Austrailian ascent.  I could see little boys just loving this series.
I listened to Poison Island, Deep Waters, and Mind Game. (about 90 p each)
Cover image for Poison islandCover image for Deep watersCover image for Mind games

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