Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pendragon Book Two: the Lost City of Faar by D.J. MacHale

Cover image for Pendragon. Lost city of FaarAfter coming to grips with the fact that his a traveler, Bobby Pendragon plunges into his second adventure, literally.  He arrives on the water planet of Cloral, and becomes fast friends with the future traveler from Cloral, Spader.  He and his mentor, Press, wait for St Dayne to play his hand, and when he does, it's terrible.  St. Dayne has manages to poison the food supply, and Press, Bobby and Spader go on a quest to find the one city, Faar, that might save the whole world. St Dayne is looking for the lost city of Faar as well, and it becomes a race to see who will triumph in the end.

This book had much the same flavor as the first book. Bobby and his fellow travelers face what seem to be insurmountable odds, and somehow win in the end.  In this one, though, Bobby starts to move from being an apprentice to being a mentor.  With the help of Lore, he helps Spader begin to see what it means to be a traveler.  I like the book alright, but I am not sure I will read another. They just haven't hooked me.   (224 p)

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