Monday, November 4, 2013

The Boneshaker by Kate Milford

Cover image for The BoneshakerThe year is 1913 and Natalie lives in a small town near a crossroads. The crossroads is a place where the boundary between realities is thin, and where Old Tom once challenged the devil to a contest on the guitar, and won.  It is also the place where there used to be a town that was destroyed by a devastating plague. Natalie grew up with the stories of what had happened at the crossroads, but never really believe them until a medicine show rolls into town. Much of the show makes her feel that something is not right, and soon she begins to see things from the past. As she gradually realizes what is happening, and how her family is caught up in it, she also begins to see that she is the only hope her little town has if they want to keep horrible things from their history from repeating.

I started this book clear back at the beginning of October.  It was a great October read--kind of spooky, without being violent or gory.  It is a well crafted story, and the characters are intense and satisfying.  The word craft is pretty good too, with many a well turned phrase.  I am not a big fan of spooky stories, but as scary stories go, this one is a pretty good one. I will give a warning, though.  Some might object to this book because the bad guy is Satan incarnate.  If you are skittish about that kind of thing, this is not a good choice for you. (372 p)

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