Monday, January 13, 2014

Loki's Wolves by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr

Loki’s WolvesThe small town of Blackwell, South Dakota, is dominated by the Thorsen family.  Matt Thorsen's dad is the Police Chief and his uncle is the Mayor.  It is also home to the Brekkes, who are generally second class citizens living on the wrong side of town.  The family rivalry goes back a long way, in fact, it goes back clear to the ancient battles of the Norse Gods, because the Thorsen's are decedents of Thor, and the Brekkes are decedents of Loki.  As decedents of the gods the two families have special powers, and are destined to be players in the world's final battle, Ragnarok.  If the Thorsen's and the Brekkes can learn to work together, maybe the total destruction can be avoided. But that is a big "if".

This book was written by two authors, with Armstrong writing the Thorsens and Marr writing the Brekkes.  When I first started the book, I thought, "Rick Riordan wannabe," and it does feel a lot like the Percy Jackson books. That is not necessarily a bad thing.  The interplay between Fen Brekke and Matt is interesting.  I think that when one author writes a book she tends to choose one main character.  Since this book was written by two authors, both Matt and Fen feel like main characters.  It makes their struggles and conflicts feel a little more intense.  The big drawback to this book is that it is a terrible cliffhanger.  Luckily, the second book comes out soon. (358 p.)

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