Saturday, January 11, 2014

School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Cover image for School spiritThis is the first in the "Suddenly Supernatual" series.  Kat's mom is a spiritual medium, so Kat has grown up familiar with the workings of the realm of ghosts.  When Kat turns 13 she begins to see ghosts herself.  At first she tries to ignore her gift, but when she finds a true friend, in the form of quirky musical prodigy, she begins to have the courage to embrace her own unusual talent. Kat, and her friend, Jac, become aware of the ghost of a former student at their school and work together to discover why the departed girl is stuck haunting the school library.

This book is for a much younger audience than either Lockwood and Company or Boneshaker. It is more a story about friendship than the supernatural, with the ghost thing as an interesting, but not at all scary, backdrop.  That said, it is a cute story about friendship, and the girls have unique and likeable personalities.  It is a good read for 3rd or 4th grade girls who like mysteries.  (316 p)

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