Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

Cover image for Wolf brotherTorak is a neolithic age boy who has always lived in the forest with his father. One day, Torak's father is attacked by a giant demon bear.  With his dying breath, Torak's father makes his son swear to go to a mystical mountain and try to destroy the bear.  As Torak starts on he quest, he meets a young wolf cub.  Wolf and Torak become inseparable allies as they battle nature and other tribesmen who want to thwart Torak's quest.

This is another book that I read years ago to my family. I read it again this week because we will be doing it for our mother/son book club this month.  As I read through it again I remembered why I like it. Ms Paver makes a world where everything is infused with life and personality.  In this book the forest, the ice river and the mountain are just as much active characters as Torak and Renn.  I especially like the chapters that show Wolf's doggy view of events.  The plot is a little formulaic.  There is a prophecy and the characters have to gather specific magical items to complete their task.  But the imaginative and descriptive writing makes up for the lack or originality in plot shape. (295 p.)

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