Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

Cover image for The grand SophyI mentioned to someone that I had enjoyed Edenbrooke and they recommended this book  and author. This, like Edenbrooke, is a squeaky clean period romance. The quiet home of Lady Ombersley is turned upside down when her niece comes to stay.  Sophy has been raised abroad by her widower father, and lacks some of the social restraint of her reserved aristocratic cousins. Soon Sophy (who is also amazingly rich) is arranging huge balls, buying fast carriages, and threatening to upset both her male and female cousins' wedding plans.  But it is all in good fun and Sophy has everyone's best interests at heart.

This was quick and delightful read.  Sophy is a charming character, and the other characters are varied and well drawn. There are several very funny scenes where Sophy gets away with all manner of improprieties just by force of charisma. Heyer's language and use of 19th century British slang is fun and feels more authentic than in the other series. I will certainly be open to reading more books by this author. (372 p)

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