Friday, March 13, 2015

A Dark Inheritance by Chris D'Lacey

Cover image for A dark inheritanceMichael Malone lives with his mother and sister, but his father disappeared while on a business trip a few years earlier.  One day on the way to school Michael happens to save a dog who is trapped on the edge of a cliff.  When he does, something supernatural happens that alters Michael's reality a little.  Suddenly his sister can play the flute, and he has a french au pair that he didn't have before. No one else seems to notice that there was a change.  Michael finds out that he has the ability to jump between multi-verses into parallel realities.  He also discovers there is an organization that monitors this kind of thing call the Black Unicorne and that the organization is mixed up in his father's disappearance.  Michael agrees to help them solve the mystery of the dog on the cliff in return for information about his father's disappearance. 

This book only got mixed reviews on "Goodreads" but I really liked it.  I thought it as an engaging psychological thriller for a younger audience,(probably 5-7 grade), and I liked D'Lacey's quirky use of language.  He uses a lot of unconventional similes and metaphors in his descriptions that tickled my fancy.  I also enjoyed Michael's relationship with the shadowy goth girl, Freya.  I must admit that the last few pages of the story were bit wonky, like "whoa, where did that come from?" but I will be excited to read a sequel. (291 p)

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