Saturday, March 28, 2015

Whatever After #4: Dream On by Sarah Mlynowski

Cover image for Dream onAbby is having her first sleep over party in her new home with her new best friend, Robin. Robin inadvertently triggers the magic mirror in Abby's basement and is transported into the story of Sleeping Beauty where she accidentally pricks herself on the evil fairy's spindle and falls asleep.  Abby and her brother, Jonah, must then find a way to wake Robin up and help the real princess fall asleep so she can be rescued by a prince and fulfill her destiny.  It is not an easy task, especially with 13 hard-to-please fairies involved.  I read the first in this series about a month ago (oops, I just realized I never blogged that one.  Ok, see below), but skipped 2 and 3 to read 4 because it was published in 2014 and I could blog about it on the Library website.  There wasn't much plot lost by skipping the two books.  I think after a reader finishes the first book, and learns the basic premise, they could read the rest of the books in about any order they wanted.  The story is simple and predictable, but the language and characters are plucky and upbeat and Mlynowski works in a simple life lesson. This is a not a bad choice for a younger reader who is ready to move on from the "Magic Tree House" series. (157 p)

Ok, here is a short note about #1
Cover image for Fairest of allFairest of All

Abby and Jonah have just moved into a new house in a new town.  They find an ornate mirror in the basement.  When Jonah knocks on the mirror, it starts to send out purple fog and make hissing noises.  When he knocks on it again he and Abby get sucked into another world.  They end up at the house of the seven dwarfs, and inadvertently convince Snow White not to eat the poison apple.  Once they discover that they have messed up Snow's chance at her happily ever after, they do all in their power to make it right.  (169 p.)

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