Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Quantum League: Spell Robbers by Matthew Kirby

Cover image for Spell robbersBen's mother has started yet another graduate degree at another university.  Ben wonders how long she will stick to this one.  Ben's mother, worried about leaving Ben alone in the afternoons, enrolls him in a "science camp." It turns out that this particular science camp teaches kids to alter their environment using their minds to control quantum entanglement.  Ben seems to be a prodigy, and soon surpasses his new friends when the lab is attacked and their teacher is taken as a hostage.  Ben, and his friend, Peter, are recruited by an organization that trains young adepts to defend the world from evil quantum villains.  Ben is horrified to discover that when he joins this organization, his family's and friend's memory of him is completely erased and the Quantum League becomes his "family."  Ben is not at all happy with this arrangement, but agrees to help the League in exchange for a promise that when he is done with the mission they will restore his mother's memory of him.

When I finished this book I realized that it basically has the same premise and plot at the Dark Inheritance, and The Iron Trial.  In each case a boy discovers he has special powers, he is recruited into a mysterious society against his will, but gradually comes to accept his destiny.  It is funny that they are all so much alike, but I enjoyed them all.  This one is a little hokey because they keep trying to make their powers sound like they are scientific phenomenon, when they really are just magic. Still, Kirby writes some interesting characters and the action is fast paced and exciting.  (263 p)

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