Sunday, May 31, 2015

Joshua Dread by Lee Bacon

Cover image for Joshua DreadIt would be a challenge to be the kid of a pair of superheroes, but what if your parents were super villains instead? Joshua's parents, the Dread Duo, are always working away in their secret lab trying to find ways to destroy the world. Josh loves his parents, but is not necessarily pleased with their career choices. Being a son of super villains means Josh has to keep his identity a secret. That becomes more of a problem when his own super power starts to emerge.  The situation is further complicated when a new girl, Sophie, moves into the school who seems to have a super power, too.  Could he have finally found a friend with whom he can share his secret, or is her arrival in town related to a rash of super villain disappearances?  This is a cute new twist on the very popular Super Hero theme.  Josh, Sophie, and their ungyfted friend, Milton, are all likeable characters, and Bacon has a lot of fun with superhero stereotypes.  If you like this one, #2 and #3 are already published. I am eager to give them a try.(258 p.)

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