Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Hollow Boy by Jonathan Stroud

Cover image for The hollow boyHere is book three in the Lockwood and Company series I have enjoyed so much.  In this one Lucy is faced with twin horrors: a massive outbreak of ghost activity in Chelsea, and a pretty, new, perky assistant at Lockwood and Company.  The second one is a much greater trial than the first.  Lucy has become even more attracted to Lockwood, and watching him interact with the "perfect" new assistant makes her blood boil.  Letting your emotions get away from you is a dangerous thing if you are a psychic investigator, and Lucy's lack of focus, and her growing talent to be able to talk to ghosts, starts to cause a lot of problems for the team, and ultimately, all of London.

About 50 pages from the end of this book I thought to myself, "Oh, I hope this is not the last one in the series."  This was a lot of fun to read.  Stroud has a great ability to make really interesting and fun characters, and then put them into tense and exciting situations.  Some writers make "character development" what happens between the action scenes, but with Stroud the characters never put off their personalities while they are fighting monsters.  In fact, the personalities and interpersonal conflicts drive the action scenes.  This was such a delightful change from what I have been reading, I truly did not want it to end.  It is a bummer that I will probably have to wait until next fall for the next one to come out. (385 p)

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