Thursday, February 9, 2017

Faro's Daughter by Georgette Heyer

Cover image for Faro's daughter
Max Ravenscar is worried because his young cousin has fallen in love with an older woman who works at an elegant gaming house.  The woman, Deborah Grantham, is from a semi-aristocratic family that has fallen on hard times and established the gaming house to avoid utter financial ruin.   Max makes the mistake of offering Miss Grantham a great deal of money in exchange for a promise that she will refuse the nephew's suit.  Miss Grantham is highly offended and seeks a way to get back at Ravenscar for his insolence.  Thus begins a kind of Beatrice and Benedict relationship that ultimately leads to the two falling in love.

Sometimes I am just tired of reading children's books, and feel like I need to treat myself to an adult book.  That was the case this week. This is such a fun read; total literary candy.  If any of you out there want a lighthearted, period romance that is relatively clean (there is some name-calling that refers to terms like "strumpet" but that is about all) and thoroughly entertaining, I don't know anyone better than Georgette Heyer. (282 p.)

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