Saturday, February 11, 2017

Arf by Spencer Quinn

Cover image for Arf : a Bowser and Birdie novelThis is the second Birdie and Bowser mystery.  The book starts with a break-in at Birdie's house.  Nothing seems to have been stolen, but someone was clearly looking for something.  Later Birdie meets and befriends a strange young woman with green hair, who also seems to be searching for something.  Things get even more confusing when Birdie's mom starts dating a man who offers to help her find a job. Is he somehow connected with the girl and the robbery?  Poor Bowser can't keep up with it all, but he knows that he loves Birdie and that he is in charge of keeping her safe. 

I enjoyed the first Birdie and Bowser mystery and I enjoyed this one, too. The story is told from Bowser's point of view, and he is a charming doggie character.  Quinn makes sure the reader understands much more than the narrator (Bowser) does, so there is the sense of being "in" on some kind of secret.  I was a little disappointed with the ending of the book.  I thought the resolution was a bit too predictable and convenient. Still, I think it is a series young dog lovers and/or mystery lovers will enjoy. (293 p.)

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