Friday, March 10, 2017

Hilo: The Boy who Crashed to Earth by Judd Winick

Cover image for The boy who crashed to EarthHere is my graphic novel for the week.  I chose it because the 3rd in the series just got a starred review last month.  This one got starred reviews when it came out in 2015

One day, D.J. sees an explosion in a field near his house.  When he goes to investigate he finds a blond boy lying in a crater with only silver underpants on.  He takes the boy home and soon suspects that the boy, Hilo, is not from this world.  Hilo doesn't understand the most simple things, like what is appropriate to eat, but has an irresistibly cheerful attitude. D.J finds him some clothes and food and lets him stay at his house.  The next day Hilo follows D.J. to school and causes all kinds of embarrassment, especially when D.J. realizes his old best friend, Gina, has just moved back into town after having been away for a number of years. Things get even more interesting when their town is attacked by a giant robot.

Don't you love comic books.  You go from having a fairly normal school story to fighting giant robot insects at the turn of a page.  I actually enjoyed this book pretty much.  Hilo is a really likeable character, and D.J. and Gina make pretty good sidekicks.  I look forward to reading the next book.(191 p.)

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