Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Drawing Lesson by Mark Crilley

Cover image for The drawing lesson : a graphic novel that teaches you how to drawHere is an interesting graphic nonfiction.  A young boy, David, sees a woman sitting on a park bench, drawing.  He is impressed with her artwork and begs her to give him a drawing lesson.  The woman, Becky, finally does, and David is so delighted he starts stalking her to get more drawing lessons.  Each lesson is one chapter in the graphic novel.  Becky teaches David about proportions, shading, composition, blank space, and other good basic drawing skills. Becky has David do a sketch, and then she critiques it and suggests improvements. I like the fact that when David gets something off in his drawing, it isn't obviously off, until you look at it closely.  Then you notice what Becky is pointing out.  Each chapter ends with suggests for the reader to try at home.  Reading the book really is a little like receiving personal drawing lessons.  I wonder if this book will appeal to the kids who check out the "How to Draw" books.  One of the reasons the "How to Draw" books are so popular is that they give the artist instant gratification; just follow these 5 simple steps and you have a recognizable picture.  This book takes a little more time commitment, especially if you do the practice suggestions.  I am eager to give it to some of my young artist friends and see if they like it. (137 p.)

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