Monday, January 17, 2011

No Place for Magic by E. D. Baker

This is book four in the Tales of the Frog Princess series. This is another series that I started a long time ago and every once in a while I go back to it and read another in the series. It is pretty typical children's fantasy. The first book, The Frog Princess, is a reworking of the story of the Frog Prince, but after that Baker just follows the characters, their ancestors and descendants on a variety of adventures in her fantasy world. The characters have various magical powers, and turn into various creatures while they seek to end various curses, or find various lost people. There is nothing particularly remarkable about the series, but it is solidly written and a good read. It is another series that is good for the kind of children who love to devour fantasy books because there are at least 8 in the series, so it will keep them busy for...say... a week or two. (244 p.)

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