Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eggs by Jerry Spinelli

This book is pretty classic Spinelli. Of course, Spinelli is a well known author and winner of the Newbery award for Maniac McGee. What he does best is write about children dealing with life's problems. In this book David, age 9, is mourning his mother's death, and Primrose, age 13, is dealing with a dysfunctional mother. Both are grumpy and touchy, but they cling to each other and eventually they learn to give to each other what they need most. Another thing that Spinelli does really well is to show children moving through the city scape. In this book the two children sneak out at night and go dumpster diving. It is a little disturbing to me that the kids in the story never have anything really bad happen to them while they are out wandering the streets all night. Adults will see this as a very risky behavior, but to children it may seem like a interesting and grand adventure. I am afraid that it might encourage young readers to try it. Despite this, it was a book that I liked. Spinelli is such a master a characterization and he respects the fact that children have deep emotions. His kids are so realistic your heart just aches for them. You can see them struggling bravely, but in a believable, kid-like manner. (224p)

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