Saturday, June 4, 2011

Forbidden Sea by Sheila Nielson

I didn't really read this book this week- I read it nearly a year ago-but I thought about it a lot. It was written by my good friend, and it is doing quite well. The reason I was thinking about it this week was because I made the mermaid's gold collar. I just finished it today. There is more about that on my regular blog.

Forbidden Sea is about a girl who lives on an island off the coast of England. One day her sister is by the sea when something, or someone tries to grab her and drag her under. Adrianne is able to save her sister, but receives some scrapes on her arm during the encounter with what seems to be a mermaid. The as the wounds fail to heal, Adrianne feels the mermaids calling her into the deep. This is a great fantasy read. The main character, Adrianne, is complex and strong but at the same time insecure and vulnerable. It is refreshing to read a fantasy where the main character has such a strong sense of duty to her family, even though her family life is less than ideal. Nielson's mermaid world is well thought out. She obviously spent time thinking about the details and logistics of an underwater existence. I hope there will be a sequel. (296p)

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  1. Holy cow, that necklace is amazing! This book rocks.