Thursday, August 4, 2011

Buttermilk Hill by Ruth White

It is sad that there are so many books about kids dealing with divorce. About 40% of all marriages in the US have ended in divorce, so I guess it really is a situation that a lot of kids deal with. In this book, set in the 1970's, Piper thinks her life is just about ideal. She lives in a small town wither her father and mother, and near her grandparents and her best friend, who is also her aunt. Then one day her father leaves and Piper's family slowly falls apart. I like the way the character deals with the divorce. She doesn't whack out or do anything mean or stupid. She is hurt by each of her parents, but she deals with her hurt by calling on friends and extended family for support. The book follows Piper for a number of years, and shows that things really do get easier to deal with over time. I think this is a good book to share with a child who is dealing with a divorce situation, either their own, or a friend's situation. (167 p.)

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