Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo

This is the first book in a spin off series from the Charlie Bone series. Charlie Bone was one of those series that appeared at the height of the Harry Potter craze. Charlie finds out that he has magical powers, so he gets sent to a school for magical people--sound familiar? I only got through 2 of the Charlie Bone books, but when this new series came out I thought I would give it a try, especially since I had just read two realistic fiction books full of social issues and I was ready for a fantasy. This series explores the life story of the "Red King" a legendary figure in the Charlie Bone world. It is a B level fantasy. There is not much character development, but the story has a lot of elements that young fantasy readers enjoy. Timoken and his sister Zobayda grow up as the prince and princess of a hidden kingdom. They have to flee for their lives when their kingdom is invaded by evil demons looking for a magical artifact that was given to Timoken at his birth. The rest of the book Timoken and his sister wander around the world, discovering new magical talents as they go, looking for a true home. The plot is probably more interesting if you read all of the Charlie Bone books, but I haven't and I still thought it was OK. ( 207 p)

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