Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coffin House by Pamela Carrington Reid

The last time I read an "LDS" fiction book was when I read "Charlie" in high school (which explains why I haven't read one since). I don't know why I picked this one off the shelf. I guess I thought it was intriguing to see the LDS sticker on a book called, The Coffin House. It was on our library's YA shelf, but it is really a book for children. The main characters are 11 and the first chapter sounds like it came right out of the "Friend" Magazine (an LDS Children's Magazine). But after that it became better. There was still a lot of LDS jargon flying around, and sincere prayers for help at every moment of distress, but the characters were pretty well developed, and the story was interesting. A girl, Toni, moves from Australia to New Zealand because her parents have gotten a divorce. She is living with her father, and soon finds a new group of multicultural friends at her new church. Together with her friends, Toni sets out to discover what is going on in an empty house nearby that is used to store empty coffins. Along the way she comes to recognize that there are a lot of different kinds of families, and she is lucky to have at least one parent who loves and takes care of her. (245 p.)

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