Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pendragon: the Merchant of Death by D. J. MacHale

Cover image for The merchant of death14 year old Bobby Pendragon has just enjoyed his first kiss from a girl he had liked since grade school when he is whisked away by his uncle to another world.  This world, named Denduron, is more primitive than Earth, and is on the brink of civil war.  Bobby's uncle, Press, is a "traveler,"--a kind of inter-dimensional do-gooder--and he wants Bobby to be one, too.  Bobby is not at all sure that he wants to be a "traveler" especially when Press gets captured and Bobby is left to fend for himself with a sulky warrior girl as his only aid.  While Bobby is on his adventure, he is able to send back journals to his best friend on Earth via a portal. As tensions rise, Bobby has to decide if he wants to use that same portal to escape his dangerous mission and return home or if he has the courage to save his uncle, and by doing so save all of Denduron.

This book, written in 2002, is the first of ten books in the Pendragon series.  I think the length of the series is one of the reasons I hadn't jumped into it earlier.  It is quite something for me to commit myself to 10 books, each around 400 pages.  I am trying to decide if I will read any more of them.  I liked this book alright, but half way through I was about to give up on it. The story seemed to be dragging, and I didn't really connect with the main character. He is such a whiner in the first half. It also bugged me a little that Pendragon was thrown into this dangerous, volatile situation without any preparation or training. Then he makes mistakes, that aren't his fault because he didn't know any better, and the mistakes almost destroy the world. The ending helped me like the book a little better.  Maybe I will read the second book, and maybe I wont. (374 p)

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